Running on Empty

Wie sieht eine Stadt eigentlich ohne Menschen aus? Ohne Autos, ohne Fahrräder und ohne Stress. Ross Ching zeigt uns ein nahezu menschenfreies Los Angeles. Ganz ruhig und ohne Hektik. Mehr spannende Infos findet ihr auf der offiziellen Website. Ein Augenschmaus!


Three years ago, I created my first time lapse experiment. Back then, it was extremely hard to come across any useful information on time lapse photography. It seemed to have been a “market” not yet saturated, so I jumped at the opportunity. That was Eclectic. Not too toot my own horn, but in my opinion it was something different. Granted time lapse photography has been around for decades, but I feel that the practice has reinvented itself in recent years with the DSLRs more commonplace.

Editing: Final Cut
Coloring: After Effects
Camera: Canon 60D.
Music: Wim Mertens – Often a Bird

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